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Who are we?

If we are not to speak of what we studied and what our
jobs are, then we are just two enthusiasts for playing 
with fire.  The real fire. Each of us is a bit of a pyromaniac
and making ceramics means working with fire a great deal.

What do we do?

We combine  f o u r   e l e m e n t s  in our type of work 
and only when these elements, namely earth, water, fire 
and air, are in harmony, the resulting product will not break.
We will spare you a long description of our technology. 
You may watch our 
video in stead. Since one half 
of BaRAKUda is a musician, BaRAKUda composes 
and records its own music to its videos about its ceramics.

What else do we want to say about RAKU?


You probably noticed in our video that we burn raku in a special oven where the temperature is about 1100 °C.

You can always find something new in RAKU. The colour shades of glaze are changing for a long time after it is taken out of the oven. The most intensive change occurs during the first and second month after taking the piece out of the oven. Later, the colour shades of products are already settled but you can see tiny changes in colours for a long time. The above mentioned colour changes apply especially to glaze which creates a metallic (bronze) effect. Its “metallic-ness” gives in during the time, which means that the other colours become more apparent and the whole product is completed.

Raku has a typical miniature cracks in glaze, we call it “krakle”. Therefore RAKU ceramics is porous – when a piece is left in water, it soaks it in (some pieces are able to keep water in for as long as five days before they make a circle on a cloth, some pieces keep water only for one day).

Do we do anything else apart from RAKU?

Yes, some products are burnt classically in an electric oven.

Is it all you do?

No. We started to enjoy taking pictures and so we take our products to trips and make photos of them in countryside – it suits them.
Our beloved pieces of work are simply petted.

To create means to look around you.

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